Investment Criteria

We are looking for companies that meet the following criteria:

Early-stage: Companies at the beginning of their development cycle. Prototype or beta versions of products with initial customer traction should be available.
See also Preferred Investment Stages.

Technology and/or online focus: Business or product ideas that use technology and/or online strategies as their foundation.

Competitive advantage: Your business plan must identify how you will be able to use innovation to grow market share, within a likely fiercely competitive landscape.

High growth into large target market: Opportunities that have the potential to change the existing market or create new markets.

Management: We look for management teams who are visionary, passionate, committed, tenacious, coachable and credible.


Preferred Stages of Investment

Investment process


Investment Process

Typically the investment process includes the following steps:

Assessing a good fit: If your business fits the target profile, you are encouraged to send us your business plan and pitch deck. If you are unsure about the fit, please send us an e-mail inquiry.

Initial contact: Companies representing a potentially good fit are discussed by our team and we will offer an in-person or Skype meeting to review your proposal and clarify any open points.

Due diligence

Negotiation of term sheet and means of investment (e.g., convertible note or equity share) and selection of closing date

Initial funding and commencement of investor relationship

Regular post-investment interaction, usually monthly progress updates; strategic consultation and advice as well as facilitation of industry-specific networking as required by your business